The Butchers Arms

The Butchers Arms was originally an old coaching inn, first referred to in the land tax of 1792 when Freeman Richard David, a cordwainer, who became tenant.

After his death his widow continued as landlady until 1802 and it remained a public house for more than 180 years.

Prior to that it was large house, taxed at 10s, belonging to Thomas Williams, officer of excise, who married Miss Prichard of Collenna. One can safely assume it was the town house of the Prichard family. It was also later tenanted to Evan David. 

When the famous surgeon and cremation pioneer Dr William Price moved to Llantrisant in 1871 he purchased the building and made full use of the stables for his cows and goats.

One evening in March 1883 an angry mob attacked the building while Dr Price was inside, believing he was destroying the remains of his late baby son Iesu Grist Price. Only a few weeks earlier Dr Price had been acquitted of charges brought against him for the attempted cremation of the child.

In fear of his life Dr Price escaped from the building by climbing over the garden wall into adjoining properties and the lively 84-year-old reached the safety of his home, Ty’r Clettwr on Rose Hill.

Following his death in 1893 the building became the home of his housekeeper Gwenllian Llywelyn and their children Penelopen and Nicholas until their new home, East Caerlan House was built in 1906.

The Butchers Arms remained a popular pub which boasted a successful darts team during the 1940s and 50s. Eventually it fell into disrepair before being refurbished by shopkeepers Noel and Gill Garnham who launched the very successful business Butchers Arms Gallery & Coffee Shop in 1990.