Five Courts

Five Courts Inn was named after the popular hand ball game of the 18th century.

Known more commonly as “Fives”, the game was played to the rear of Swan Street and its ruined court can still be seen there today. A second court existed to the rear of the Angel Inn on George Street.

Llantrisant produced a champion player in Ivor Ajax Lewis, a local surgeon who died after eating mussel soup at Cardiff County Club.

The Fives Court was at one time licensed to a Richard John and later Thomas Morgan changed its named sometime prior to 1840 when it was purchased by the Rickards family, which included the local vicar Rev Robert Rickards. It was renamed The Rickards Arms.

Thomas Morgan remained licensee until 1851 when Ann Morgan became landlady followed by a Richard Evans, Phoebe Evans and William Hancock before 1900.

The property later became the site of the Llantrisant Workmen’s Club.