Thomas Bryant
22 July 1881 – 13 January 1946
Roll No. 1221 

Tom Bryant, the son of William Bryant was born on 22 July 1882 at the Carpenter's Arms, Efail Isaf. 

It was Tom's good fortune that his uncle John a famous harpist also resided in the property. 

Consequently, it would have been from a very early age that Tom started his musical education at his uncle's knee. 

Tom won many prizes as a harpist at eisteddfodau whilst still in tender year. Between the ages of nine and 14 he won the first prize at the National Eisteddfod every year. 

It was clear that he would eventually adopt the mantle that his uncle John had worn for so long. Upon reaching adulthood. Tom followed in John's footsteps by travelling around the country with two other performers, Watkin Hezekiah Williams and Robert Rees, the former lecturing on folk songs and the latter singing to Tom's accompaniment on the harp. 

Tom became an A.R.C.M. in 1906 at the age of 24 and in the same year within a few months of having played at a Command Performance when Cardiff became a city, he once more received King Edward VII's command, this time to play the harp at the opening of a new dock in Cardiff. 

With the `Golden Quartette' he held concerts at the principal towns of Britain. He wrote music for the harp, and composed variations on the tunes 'Merch y Felin' and 'Merch Megan'. 

He was one of the very first harpists to broadcast on the wireless. 

Tom Bryant was not to enjoy the longevity of his famous uncle who had lived until he was 94; he passed away on 13th January 1946 aged 63.