John Powell John
1885 - 1950
Roll No. 1667

Known locally as “Pow John”, he was the son of Thomas John of West Caerlan Farm. Christened the “Mayor of Llantrisant” by fellow farmers, he was a cattle dealer and agent for the Bute Estate. 

With an interest in the Farmers’ Union and the local hunt, he was also a member of Llantrisant Town Trust. 

He married Mary Hannah Richard (1897-1979) of Tyr Pantyscawen Farm and they had three children named Anne, Mary and David. 

In 1948 West Caerlan, his 18th century thatched roof farmhouse, burned down forcing the family to move to Maes yr Haul in Cross Inn. 

On 26 December  1950 he was walking near this farm, when he was struck down by a car. He died three days later, aged 65.