Learn more about the grisly past of this ancient hilltop town by joining one of the fascinating (and scary!) ghost walks around Llantrisant.

From witches and spirits to murders and plagues, the journey will bewilder and terrify as you walk the historic streets and hear blood-curdling stories of the past.

Starting at the Castle Green you learn of Norman soldiers slaughtered in the tower, how the troubled souls of executed criminals haunt the site and why the Raven's Tower must never fall or it will seal the doom of the town.

Walk the cobbled streets and find out more about Llantrisant's original pagan site of worship, the druids, witchcraft and blood drenched altar stones.

Then learn about the coming of the Black Death, the epidemics, the foul stench of the streets and the ghostly apparitions of lost children looking for their plague-victim parents.

Hear stories of haunted homes, public houses and shops before reaching the former Workhouse where you may catch a glimpse of its ghostly warden whose rattling keys and footsteps can still be heard from the upper rooms.

Then take a frightening journey to one of the most haunted landmarks in the town, wander its darkened cells where spirits remain locked in the bowels of the building - but are pleased to welcome a newcomer to join them! 

* This is not a ghost hunt, but rather a guided walk through Llantrisant at night where your guide will give you an unforgettable insight into the darker tales of the hilltop town. The stories are all based on accurate research and there is no trickery involved.

If you do experience anything ghostly...then congratulations! 

Ghost Tours

The next Ghost Walk of Llantrisant will take place on:

October 28 2019 - November 1 2019

Twice nightly at 7pm and 8.30pm

Halloween Midnight Special on October 31 2019

Tickets for the Ghost Walks are priced £6.00 each and are sold in advance of the event via paypal, cheque or cash payment.

We advise purchasing tickets in advance as the Ghost Walks are often sold out.

The walks last just over an hour and your guide will take you to eight spooky sites throughout the town to explain the mysteries and paranormal phenomenon that has been witnessed there.

Why not organise a ghost walk for a group of friends?

We are happy to run an event to suit your needs so if you don't want to join one of the advertised walks, then private hire is possible.

All of the ghost walks take place after dark.

We advise that the walks are suitable for children aged 10 or over.

For further details email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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