Zozobabel Welsh Wesleyan Chapel

The Welsh speaking followers of the Wesleyan movement built the original Zozobabel Welsh Wesleyan Chapel on Swan Street in 1813 on the house belonging to Edward William. 

It was paid for at the expense of Thomas Davies of Maesmawr Farm in Pentyrch whose family were lessees of the Pentyrch Corn Tithe for some 200 years.

The chapel on Swan Street was surrounded by pubs such as the Great Swan, Fives Court and Rickards Arms. However, interest waned and by 1896 they failed to appoint trustees.

By the time Taliesin Morgan wrote his history of the town in 1898 he said, “The Welsh Wesleyan Chapel for some unexplained cause, has been abandoned and left to fall to decay."

A tablet on the old chapel read “Gair Parch. A token of respect to the memory of Thomas Davies, late of Maesmawr, in the parish of Pentyrch, who erected this chapel, and bequeathed twnty pounds annually to the Welsh and ten pounds to the English Wesleyan cause in the Cardiff Circuit. He departed this life on the 13 June 1814 aged 71 years."

In the next 10 years it fell into disuse and was sold to the Llantrisant & Llantwit Fardre Rural Council in 1918 and used as a storage unit. The building was later demolished and the human remains re-interred at Cefn Parc cemetery.