The Llantrisant Guildhall Restoration Scheme began in October 2016.

At each milestone moment we will include new images to show you the progress being made.

The first phase of scaffolding is in place and the former boiler houses has finally been removed from the side of the porch

The original tiled flooring has been removed in preparation for the extensive removal of the ceiling and plaster 

With the removal of the lime and plaster render from the outer walls, the original 1773 archways are found into the Cornmarket which closed in 1890.
The plaster has been removed from the inner walls, revealing the original stonework
The removal of the ceiling revealed the height of the original room. The room will be reinstated to the original height

The stonework of the inner walls are revealed, including the former fireplace which will be reinstated
The scaffolding is completed and the new 'wrap around' of the building will begin so that work can be undertaken throughout the winter months
The wrap-around of the building is complete
The roof tiles have been removed 
The Georgian fireplace has been uncovered
The ground floor is near completion
The chimney has been rebuilt

The original cell window (including its iron bars) were discovered in the lower floor

 An extension is built for the elevator

Designer Thom Botwood begins work on creating a replica of the Dr William Price costume at St Fagans to go on show at the Guildhall

The render is almost complete and work is about to begin on the porch steps and roof

A life-size mannequin of a Llantrisant archer at Crecy has been created in London for display in the Guildhall

Guildhall Donors

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Llantrisant Guildhall is grateful for the donations made by the following businesses, organisations and individuals:


John Dickason

Glyndwr Dickason

Cllr Glynne Holmes

Cllr Clayton Willis

Richard Small

Cheryl Warwick-Mortimer 

John Stuart Jenkins

David Smith

Michael Morgan

John David 

Edmund Miles

John Berry

Jeffery Nigel Roberts

Richard Williams

Vernon Rees

Malcolm Jones

Norman Megins

Richard Williams

Wendy Williams

Jonathan Williams

David Jones

Nigel Bosanko

Robert Owen

Edmund Hartly

John Watkins

Capt. Morgan T. John

David Mustow

Phillip Cooney

Noel Israel

David Bartlett

David Small

Josephine Hirst

Tony Kingsbury

Malgwyn Davies

Frank Trevorrow

Aneurin John

Anthony Lafrate

Geraint Williams

Thomas Holder

Matthew Newland

Huw Rees

Robin Howie

Ieuan Llewellyn

Michael Goodman

Anthony Harris

Sir Gareth Rhys Williams

Dario Priori

Gareth Griffiths


Tesco Ltd

Nicholas Michael Estate Agents


Devonalds Solicitors

Balmoral Tanks

Elizabeth Chant

Haydn Gibbons

A donation in memory of Arthur Bowen Rees

David Small

Bethan Rees

Julie Hicks

Robert Miller

Andrea John

Susan Parker

G R Contracting

Adam Meredith

Lynne Francies

P & D Clarke

Raymond & Elaine Filer

Dr Hywel Jones

Eileen Townsend Jones